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SMILE  members meet each Monday (except Bank Holidays) to provide organised gentle exercise and relaxation plus a form of Tai Chi. We welcome family and friends at SMILE as it helps them see, that they are not the only people suffering through chronic pain. Dr Eric Ghadiali (co-founder of the PMP) is one of our trustees.

At SMILE we use the principles and practises learned at the Walton Pain Management programme but also welcome those who have not had the benefit of attending there. So why not come along and see for yourself what is on offer a SMILE!. Your first visit is free of charge so you can decide if its suits your particular needs.

Laughter is one of our main goals and you can hear how successful our members are at this. If you are happy with all that is on offer, SMILE would welcome you the opportunity to become a valued member for just £3 per attendance with an Annual Subscription of £8 payable from 1st June each year.  Also tea and coffee is free (along with biscuits if we have any!).