About us

SMILE Liverpool are a registered charity helping chronic pain sufferers live a normal life, despite the ongoing pain they live with. We meet each Monday morning, except Bank Holidays, to provide organised gentle exercise and relaxation plus a form of Tai Chi. In addition to this, we are proud to have a fully qualified Fitness Therapist as well as Tai Chi Instructor. Here at SMILE we encourage and subsidise outings for members and their family and friends by fundraising throughout the year.


SMILE Liverpool are a well-established charity that has been operating since June 1998, and have successfully help found other groups across the country.

We are fortunate to receive excellent support from the Walton Pain Management Programme Doctors and staff. Dr John Wiles was until recently, our Honorary President and Dr Eric Ghadiali (co-founder of the PMP) is one of our Trustees. We use the principles and practices learned at the Walton Pain Management Programme but also welcome those who have not had the benefit of attending there.

How we are funded

SMILE Liverpool is self-financing through weekly and annual subscriptions plus regular fundraising activities. We also apply to larger organisations for grants to enable us to purchase suitable equipment for our members’ use and pay the rent! The John Moores Foundation have supported us for the past three years.

Come along and see for yourself what is on offer at SMILE. Your first visit is free of charge so that you can decide if it suits your particular needs. Laughter is one of our main goals and you can hear how successful our members are at this.

Weekly attendance costs £3 but your first visit is free. Our Annual Subscriptions are now £8 per year, re-payable on 1st June each year. Those of you who joined in 2017 will be due to pay again then as are our longer serving members.

We feel that we give value for money as we have the use of our Fitness Therapist and Tai Chi Practitioner who could cost considerably more. Also, tea and coffee is free (along with biscuits usually donated by the members!).

We welcome family and friends at SMILE as it helps for them to see that they are not the only people suffering through chronic pain. We encourage and subsidise outings for members and their family and friends by fund raising throughout the year.